Your wedding day has to be absolutely perfect. But more than anything, your big day is a celebration of your love for one another.

As any soon-to-wed or newlywed couple knows, putting together a wedding is no easy task. Most weddings are highly elaborate affairs requiring dozens of suppliers and months of careful preparation.

Yet Dexter and Diwi somehow managed to put together their wedding with only about a month’s worth of preparation. Focusing on just the important details and cutting out the fluff, they were able to book their wedding vendors, stay within budget, and get things done.

Dexter and Diwi met through work in 2009, when they both needed to resolve a property issue for their (then) respective companies. This was the start of a beautiful new friendship, which soon blossomed into romance. 

“As they say– I’m an old soul,” Diwi says, explaining how she came to the realization that Dexter was “the one” for her. “He’s a person I can talk to about anything and has dreams in life.” 

It wasn’t long until they started talking about more long-term plans. “We’ve been talking about getting married for a while. But the proposal was simple – it was just the two of us.” 

While they were able to secure their date and venue a bit ahead of time, all the other vendors and suppliers were only booked just a few weeks before their big day.

“Know what you really want. Don’t conform to others’ opinions of what a wedding should be,” pointed out Diwi, with some sage advice for other couples currently planning their wedding day. “(Our guests really) enjoyed our non-traditional reception,” she recalls.

Dexter and Diwi were both involved in choosing their wedding vendors. They had a couple of splurge items, admittedly spending a bit more on food and entertainment at the reception, but they also feel they saved by cutting down expenses on other items like the entourage’s wedding dresses, and souvenirs

They claimed they had a lot of help though. “Getting a wedding coordinator was probably one of the best decisions we ever made,” Diwi revealed. Especially so when they had such a short lead time, a wedding coordinator can help you make the right decisions and introduce you to the right suppliers.

On the Day Coordination: Simply Beautiful Events
Church: Santuario de San Jose
Reception: Joy Nostalg Hotel & Suites
Barong: EA Casedo’s Embroidery
Entourage dress: Infinity Closet
Wedding accessories: Wedding Library
Hair and Makeup Artist: D’ Makeup Artist
Florist: Fullblooms Flower Shop by Inah
Photography: Liz Rañola Photography
Vidoegraphy: Fly Motion Pro
Host: Darlene Salazar
Lights and sound system: EMPRO
Entertainment: ATOM Band


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