Carlo and Ana Bee showed us that sometimes it’s okay to skip traditional renewal of vows and just enjoy the day with family and friends who were there for them for the last 25 years (and that includes their entourage during their church wedding).

When I started working with Ana Bee, I thought that this will be a very hard wedding to coordinate given that I have a month or so to work on everything from scratch. But if your client is like Ana Bee who knows what she wants, things will be easy for you. I also love it that she also asks for our opinion and is not offended if you tell you the brutal truth. Something that you seldom see in other people these days.

Their wedding really touched my heart because of several things:

  • Every effort was made to make things more personal not just for the couple but also for their guests.
  • You don’t need an extravagant celebration to have fun. 
  • Keeping it simple and lowkey is the way to go.
  • Being humble and kind goes a long way.

This celebration is one for the books. Not because they are a high profile couple with high profile guests or because we skipped the renewal of vows ceremony for a family pictorial, but because of the medical emergency that happened as we were wrapping up. It was really scary and heartbreaking. I am thankful that I have people in our team who are knowledgable and calm to handle the situation.

Shared Planning and Coordination: Simply Beautiful Events
Hotel: The Bellevue Hotel Manila
Gown: Carlo Regner
Bouquets: Rosabella
Hair and Makeup: Erika and Oliver
Photo and Video: Digital Elements
Tiffany Chairs: Windsor and Tiffany
Souvenirs: Printsonalities


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